Machen's Greek NT Answer Key.

From: Michael A. Ferrando (
Date: Wed May 19 1999 - 15:23:10 EDT

Since my search seems to be of interest to others, I am posting this
addendum. Tony has been so kind as to send me the ordering information on
Thompson's book which he says is much better. (I have also added the zip
code of the AMG publishers, mistakenly omitted before.)

In Christ,
Mike F.

On Wed, 19 May 1999 wrote:
> Greetings, i have both keys to Machen's Grammar and i find that
> "D.L.Thompson's STUDY GUIDE" is the best available.If you are still
> interested you can obtain a copy at Asbury Theological Seminary.(
> e-mail address: or phone at
> (1-800-2-asbury) the price is $25.00 i believe........Its worth the
> price!!!!!!!!
> Tony :-)
> I have finally found an answer key to Machen. I contacted the WTS book
> store only to be told that it was no longer in stock and that it was not
> longer in print. I then contacted the publisher and found that it was
> infact being published under a different title. I had a copy sent to me by
> UPS, and with tax the total was $8.50. Thanks for all the info.
> In Christ,
> Mike Ferrando
> Library Technician
> Library of Congress
> Washington, DC
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> Answer Key for New Testament Greek for Beginners
> by S. Zodhiates
> This key is an essential companion to Machen's grammar.
> Retail: $3.95 (paper, AMG)
> WBS Price: $3.16 (to order click on box and then fill out the form below)
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> AMG Publishers
> P.O. Box 22000
> Chattanooga, TN 37422
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> Local: 423-894-6060
> Web site:
> WARNING: The Zodhiates answer book is NOT on the AMG web site!

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