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From: Linda Gray (
Date: Wed May 19 1999 - 23:42:17 EDT


I would have to agree to some extent. Really, God only inspired what he
wanted writen down, he did not dictate word-for-word what was to be
written. I feel, that there would be 3 factors to contribute to John's
poor use of the Greek grammer. (1) He was told to write it all down as he
recieved it. Thus, he would not be concerned about grammer, just getting
it written. (2) At Revelation 22:18,19 it tells us that no one is to add
or take away from the words already writen down. This being the case, John
might not have felt that it was in his authority to go back and rewrite
what had been writen already. So, instead of tampering with the text, he
left it just the same. (3) It was a second language. John was a Jew, who
spoke Hebrew. Greek was a second language to him, so, with that combined
with point 1 it would make only sense that he did not have proper grammer,
given the circumstances.

The fact that the Gosple of John and the three letters had very good
grammer is that he could spend more time on those, in fact, he could spend
years writting the Gospel. But, this was not the case with Revelation. He
would have had to write this quickly, in a second tounge, and he would not
have thought it to be in his authority to rewrite the scroll and correct
the grammer. Another point may be that this was something so completely
new to the congregation and to him that it must have been overwelming. The
explicit and very detailed, and some times frightning visions would have
made him consentrate more on getting it writen down, and not on grammer.

Thats just my thoughts on that.

Mitchell Gray

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> Date: Wednesday, May 19, 1999 3:57 PM
> Dear Mitchell,
> However...if God was inspiring John to the God inspired
> Apostle Paul to write and tell Timothy...and us as well...I would think
> God would opt for both, "...getting it all down...," and using correct
> proper grammer in the well!
> Just a thought!!!
> Re...deemed,
> Dr. D. R.

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