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Date: Thu May 20 1999 - 07:02:28 EDT

While I confess that I have had my own input into the ongoing discussion of
the Greek of the NT book of Revelation, it is quite evident that discussion
is no longer focusing upon the Greek text of Revelation as Greek but upon
broader questions of inspiration and hermeneutics, concerning which
list-members hold widely-divergent views in accordance with their distinct
faith-perspectives. Please, let's call a halt to this now. If any wish to
continue this discussion, I would urge them to do so OFF-LIST with each
other privately.

Alternatively, another forum where questions regarding the Johannine
literature might be welcome is the newly-established Religious-Spiritual
list on Johannine literature as noted in a message that I am forwarding at
the same time with the present message:


For the benefit of new subscribers to the list, let me note something that
may not be adequately indicated in the current version of our FAQ that is
sent out to all new subscribers: although we do not spell out sharply in
advance what questions are off-limits for discussion, we urge that the
focus of inquiries and comments be directed at questions regarding specific
Biblical Greek texts and specific items about the Biblical Greek language,
and that questions that bear upon or reflect distinct faith-perspectives of
individuals or groups should NOT be sent to this list.

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