Re: Pronunciation of Iesous

Date: Thu May 20 1999 - 12:04:54 EDT

I may point out that in Greek meter, the name is composed of three three
syllables, and appears in only two positions in the Paraphrase by Nonnos
(curiously!). Unlike every other name, including Christ, the name Jesus
appears only in the initial or ultimate position. Every other name may appear
in any position in a line. I admit that I looked at only about 1500 of the
3658 lines of the poem, and extrapolate from those.

That being said, the name appears in the initial position as an obligate
spondee: EE-YAY, and the first beat of the following spondee or dactyl:


Ie^sous apameipto pare^goreo^n tini mutho^ (P.11.31)

Ie^soun apeonta thee^goron.... (P.11.229)

but in the terminal position, the iota is the last syllable of a dactyl, and
the eta the first beat of the final obligate spondee, as:

e^chi meno^n podos ichnos akampeos eichen Ie^sous (P.11 110)

For what it's worth

Tony Prost
All Nonnos All Day

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