PLEIW in Matt 26:53

From: Jean-Francois Racine (
Date: Thu May 20 1999 - 20:46:13 EDT

In Matt 26:53, one finds the clause PLEIW [H] DWDEKA LEGIWNAS AGGELWN.

1. Is PLEIW a comparative here? If it is the case, what is the point of

2. What is the grammatical explanation of the presence of [H] in several
MSS such as C E W Delta Pi Omega fam1 fam13 33 565?

3. Blass/Debrunner/Funk par. 185 speaks of genitive of comparison, but
still, I have difficulty to see what is the point of comparison.

Could someone shed some light on this point?

Jean-Francois Racine

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