Keeping up with Biblical Greek

From: Darrell Jachim-Moore (
Date: Fri May 21 1999 - 08:22:42 EDT

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<DIV><FONT color=#000000 size=2>Bret,</FONT></DIV>
<DIV><FONT color=#000000 size=2></FONT>&nbsp;</DIV>
<DIV><FONT color=#000000 size=2>I just picked up a book of Hebrew and Greek
daily readings from the NT and Hebrew scriptures that I'm beginning to
use.&nbsp; It is entitled More Light on the Path: Daily Scripture Readings in
Hebrew and Greek by Elaine Heath and Morven and David Baker.&nbsp; For daily
devotional time, it provides a short thematic introduction in English, followed
by a text in Hebrew and one in Greek, each with some selected grammatical helps.
While this will not fully replace reading Greek and Hebrew more broadly, it
allows me to get in touch with the languages on a daily basis.&nbsp; I read more
extensively when time permits.&nbsp; Amazon has it for about $17.50 in
paperback.&nbsp; So far so good.&nbsp; </FONT></DIV>
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<DIV><FONT color=#000000 size=2>Good luck--I think many of us struggle with
<DIV><FONT color=#000000 size=2></FONT>&nbsp;</DIV>
<DIV><FONT color=#000000 size=2>Darrell</FONT></DIV></BODY></HTML>


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