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From: Linda Gray (
Date: Wed May 26 1999 - 20:42:04 EDT

> From: Byron P. Knutson <>
> To: Biblical Greek <>
> Subject: PLEASE: Read, Sign & Forward!!!
> Date: Wednesday, May 26, 1999 5:07 PM

> I recently read an article stating that God SHOULD NOT be allowed in
> schools. It wasn't until NOW that I realized that people are trying to
> stop us and change our faith. HOWEVER we need to make a stand for what
> believe in and not back down from anyone. SO! I am asking that if you
> believe in what I am saying, that GOD should be allowed in schools, and
> that we should be taking a stand for what we believe in, then please sign
> this and send it on for others to sign. I want this to be the biggest
> that AOL has ever seen. I am going to prove to them that both teenagers
> adults both feel that God is very important and that it goes right along,
> hand-in-hand so to speak, with education. Thanks a bunch, -God Bless All

I personaly feel that God is very important, to both me and everyone else,
but, in this United States of America we have something called the
seperation of Church and State. This was not done lightly, it has its
purposes. In England, at the time of the Revolution, the Church ran almost
every aspect of the goverment. The founding father of this country did not
want it to be this way in this country. We also have a great variety of
relgions in this country. From Muslim to Hindu, from Christian to
Zorastrianism, from Atheist to Pagan, the variety of religions are to far
to number, and, they founding fathers of the U.S.A. saw that this was going
to happen. Not everyone believes in God, in fact, many do not have the
same beliefs. To keep God out of the schools has its purpose.

Although the Supreme Court has ruled that any child in school can pray,
read their religious Holy Book, or wear religous symbols and can do so
freely, but it should not be taught in a public school system. (1) It
could offend someone, and (2) it was made seperate by the Constitution.
For this reason, I think that this is a bad idea for these sorts of things
to be passed around. I am no patriot, in fact I just live in the country
and pay the taxes and obey the laws, I can't wait for God to destroy it.
We may feel strongly about our beliefs. We might be willing to die for our
beliefs, but that does NOT make it right.

There are clubs that people can join in school for the worship of God, like
we have the FCA, Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Christians can join
that group, that sometimes meets in school and sometimes out of school and
fellowship with fellow christians. But religion has no right to go "hand
and hand with education."

Thats just my two cents.

Mitchell Gray

PS. Shouldn't Hebrews 1:8 be translated "God is your throne" and not "Your
throne, O' God"?

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