From: Thomas and Patti Bond (
Date: Thu May 27 1999 - 09:17:45 EDT

It is my opinion that the fish symbol in early Christianity relates to the
centrality of the community meal for Christian worship. Simply, when
Christians met together, they shared a meal. Often the fish symbol is seen
along with bread in early Christian art. The fish symbol itself probably
relates to the tradition of post-resurrection meals, as seen in the gospels,
where Jesus ate fish with his followers. In that regard, it seems to me
that the loaves and fishes stories in the gospel are part of the development
of Christian tradition, moving from meal to eucharist. Eucharistic language
can be found in these texts. Fish, then, as an acronymn is a later

This, I know, is probably a bit off-topic, but since there was some
discussion in this regard, and since this point of view had not been
expressed, I decided to reply.

Thomas Bond

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