Re: hOTI clause Acts 17:18

From: Maurice A. O'Sullivan (
Date: Thu May 27 1999 - 10:54:12 EDT

At 00:51 26/05/99 +0100, I quoted from Fitzmyer:

>Perhaps such a person
>would have understood the fem. Creek noun 'anastasis' as the name of a
>consort for the foreign deity, Jesus, 'Jesus and Anastasis." So John
>Chrysostom understood it (Horn. in Acta 38.1; PC 0.267), and many after
>him. <<

I have dug out the passage from Chrysostom, along with the note by G.B.S
[ George B. Stevens, Ph.D., D.D.,professor in Yale University., according
to the title page ]

>>“Of strange gods, because he preached:unto them Jesus and the
Resurrection :” for in fact they supposed “Anastasis” (the Resurrection) to
be some deity, being accustomed to worship female divinities also. <<

"The view of Chrys. that the Greeks supposed Paul to designate by the
Anastasis some goddess, has been shared by many more recent interpreters,
but seems very improbable. The apostle could hardly have spoken so
abstractly of the resurrection as to give rise to such a misapprehension.
Paul doubtless spoke of Jesus’ own resurrection and of its relation to that
of believers (vid. 1 Cor. xv.), although in the text the absence of _autou_
permits us to find only the idea of the general resurrection
expressed.(G.B.S) "


Maurice A. O'Sullivan [ Bray, Ireland ]

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