Maybe OT: 2 Questions

From: Armando Cottim (DSI) (
Date: Fri May 28 1999 - 08:39:27 EDT

Hi fellows,

I'm preparing a MTh paper on the "Christological Notions of the Yom Kippur
Ritual" (this might not be the exact title) and an Internet search points me
to Lawrence H. Schiffman's book "The Case of the Day of Atonement Ritual".
This book (or some info on it) is supposed to be posted at

The problem is that the server seems to be off line.

My first question would be if anybody has info on whether this book is
online, somewhere.

My second question is if somebody has any information on my paper's subject
(mainly on the Jewish understanding of the meaning of the Yom Kippur
I'll take ideas like: "Change subject". :-)

If you consider this too off topic, please answer off-line.
My email address is
<> .

Thanks in advance for your kind answers

PS: Excuse me for some cross posting but it's really important for me to
have info on this.

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