Re: The dangling subject in Gal 2:15?

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Sat May 29 1999 - 07:13:02 EDT

At 7:06 AM -0400 5/29/99, Moon-Ryul Jung wrote:
>Dear B-greekers:
>Is Gal 2:15 a verbless sentence? Or is it a dangling subject, which is
>interrupted by the participle clause (EIDOTES), and then resumed by
>KAI hHMEIS? If so, we would have:
>We Jews by nature and not Gentile sinners, knowing that ....,
>we also believed in ...

One of the most common features of all ancient Greek is omission of the
copula (EINAI) from a nominal clause, i.e. a clause consisting of a subject
and a predicate nominative. Therefore an ESMEN is implicit in Gal 2:15 and
should be supplied by anyone translating into a language that would
normally make such a copula explicit.

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