Re:Christian...suffix vs. prefix

Date: Mon May 24 1999 - 15:49:49 EDT

Dear Denny Diehl,

     You asked about the suffix "ian" as the suffix for "Christian" and what
it might mean if it may not be a diminuitive. In this particular case, while
not in all cases in the English language, you might think of it in this way:
     1. When you take the "Christ" out of the word "Christian," what do you
     2. You are left with only "...ian."
     3. And, what it that?
     4. i - I...
     5. a -
     6. n - ...nothing!
     This fine mnenomic example was related to me by my father, Paul Harrison
Woolery, who was an elder in the Lord's Church for many years.

     If it can not be used as a diminuitive, so what? It's not the meaning
of the suffix of this word that is of importance to us's the
prefix, "Christ," and that is a word that MAGNIFIES all "Christians!"


                                                         Dr. D. R. Woolery

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