French-based Greek course needed

From: Marc Anton Pembroke (
Date: Tue Jun 01 1999 - 17:58:18 EDT


I have taught theology for two years in Quebec, and it appears that
there a number of Christians who would like to pursue their
studies online. So far, they come from Quebec, France, Switzerland,and

Responding to this need, several of us have launched a new online
teaching center, Institut Auguste LeCerf. I generally teach
dogmatics, and we are looking forward to contributions in Old Testament
studies on the part of a Jewish Christian from central Quebec.

We will ask modest contributions from students, and limit classes to 12.
Otherwise, the Institute will be a faith ministry. If anyone would like to
participate, and could offer a course in beginning Greek in French,
please contact me.

My page is The institute will be at


Marc Pembroke

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