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> Somewhere in the archives, I also wrote about how certain constructions with
> PROS did involve some kind of relationship of some kind of component with a
> whole, such as the relationship of individuals to a group to which the
> individual belonged. This relationship didn't seem to follow with other
> stative verbs or other occurences. >>
>some kind of relationship of some kind of component with a
> whole,
> This seems to verge on the __extremely__ subjective. Native English
>speakers cannot even agree on what the word "with" means in the phrase "And
>the word was with god" even in English....even among communicants. It is not
>__possible__ to say what PROS __really, really__ means, with the effect of
>solving all translation difficulties in one fell (!) swooop. When you get to
>the question of how far you can tease it from its antique locational meaning,
>you enter exegesis.

Do you perhaps mean 'eisegesis'?

The input I was eager to get into this discussion with my long and pedantic
response was that one really does well to START with what we are told by
lexicons and grammars about the meanings of prepositions and particles
before launching into a speculative wild goose chase.

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