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Date: Thu Jun 03 1999 - 12:36:04 EDT

At 5:59 PM +0200 6/3/99, Daniel Ria–o wrote:
>Carl W. Conrad wrote:
>> The
>>problem is how to make sense of the dative THi ELEUQERIAi with which the
>>clause begins. Brian originally asked whether this is a Dative of Advantage
>>or a Dative of Purpose. I originally said that the noun in a Dative of
>>Advantage construction should normally refer to a person, but "Freedom"
>>doesn't seem to be personified here. As for a dative of purpose, as I said
>>in my original reply, although this is a very important function for the
>>Latin dative, I really don't know of a Dative of Purpose in ancient Greek,
>>and before I'm ready to accept that, I would really like to see some
>>convincing instances of it in Hellenistic or earlier Greek.
> This is a very interesting question. I can't deal in extenso now
>about all the theoretical implications, but maybe a short summary can be of

Thanks very much, Daniel. This is the sort of data I was just hoping
someone might adduce. I'm at a place right now where it's very difficult to
get at major reference works, but I wonder whether this is not the same
thing which Schwyzer, in his large tome on Greek grammar, refers to as
"Dativ von Ziel oder Richtung."

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