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From: Jim West (
Date: Wed Jun 09 1999 - 08:26:13 EDT

At 07:33 PM 6/8/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Edgar Krentz wrote;
>>>The same information is given in his [E.M.Thompson] A Handbook of Greek
>>>and Latin Palaeography (1893)104-106. (ISBN 0-89005-094-5). It's been
>>>reprinted by Ares Publishers Inc.
>>> 7020 N. Western Ave.
>>> Chicago, IL 60645
>This is good news indeed, for I know of no other work to replace this work.
>Metzger's little book on Greek mss is much too brief to do much more than
>to introduce the subject to beginners.
>I would advise anyone who wants to study the history of this subject to own
>this book.

According to the book is out of stock and no reprint date has
been provided. If it were available, it would cost $20.

Does anyone have the number to the publisher so inquiries can be made directly?


Jim West, ThD
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