Re: Acts 17:27

From: clayton stirling bartholomew (
Date: Thu Jun 10 1999 - 16:59:11 EDT

> If we read the context the neuter TO QEION ESTIN seems out of place, but
> the agreement of AUTO and ON indicate that it was not just a slip but
> intentional. So how should I handle the change from HIM (17:26) to IT
> (17:27) and then back to HIM in verse 28?

One obvious thing I failed to mention is that translating the neuter TO
QEION ESTIN and the following AUTO as neuter in English is not a given
by any means. I didn't mean to imply that every time you see AUTO you
need to render it IT. This would be a rather wooden headed approch to
things. What I am really trying to find out more than anything is what
can be made of TO QEION ESTIN?

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