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Date: Sun Jun 13 1999 - 17:44:15 EDT

Dear Mitchell,

It has been 41 years since I left teaching at a university in Texas (for
greener fields in Berkeley and later Cambridge), so my knowledge of
classics programs in the state is not first-hand any longer. But (at
least as of a very few years ago) the mother campus of the University of
Texas (in Austin, that is) had an excellent Classics department That does
not mean that their introductory Greek courses are also first-rate;
but it gives a clue as to how they value Greek.

Carl Conrad, teaching at Washington University in St. Louis, no
doubt has more recent information and sources on Texas colleges and
universities than I do.

I am hoping that your "Greek without the theology" implies that you plan to
learn classical Greek, and not start (and end) with the Greek of the NT.
You will never regret learning the Greek of the great classical period,
even (or especially) if you later go on to study the language in its
Hellenistic form (and the minuscule quantity of it which is found in the
NT). Those who start with the NT-only almost always have a much harder
time moving back into the classical period than those who do it in
historical order.

Edward Hobbs

--------------You wrote---------->>>>>>>>>

I was looking for a collage in Texas which has a good classics program. I
am a senior in high school next year so I have to start looking around. If
any of you know of a good school that I can learn Greek, without the
theology could you please pass that info along? Thanks a bunch.

Mitchell Gray

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