Re: Kurios & kuria

From: Joel D Kalvesmaki (
Date: Sun Jun 20 1999 - 09:24:31 EDT

>Also could not
>this also be John's way of identifying the last missionary and faithful
>church to be
>in Korea. (similar sound). Could it mean that we should expect Korea to
>be reunited
>and Christian before the Lord's return?
>2959 Kuria {koo-ree'-ah}

FWIW, the upsilon by this time was probably pronounced identical to eta (as
is the case in modern Greek). For example, some of the alternate spellings
found in Coptic indicate that this is so (at least in late antiquity). It
would have sounded less like "Korea" to them as it does to modern students
of ancient Greek.

Joel D Kalvesmaki
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