Re: NT-only words

From: One of the McKays (
Date: Wed Jun 16 1999 - 04:15:10 EDT

> Has anybody a list of words that occur in the NT only and nowhere else in
the literature of that time? I have read that these are about 400 words? Is
there such a list or can someone compile one?

An interesting question, Wieland! I'd like to see a source for the answer to
your question.

A related question, how many hAPAX LEGOMENA occur in the NT is easier for me
to answer. According to Trenchard [Complete Vocabulary Guide to Greek NT]
there are about 1950.

There are about 830 words which occur twice and another 460 words occur 3
times or more.

According to my BibleWorks word frequency generator there are 5397 different
words in the NT. So, unfortunately more than half of the words in the NT
occur 3 times or less!

David McKay

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