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From: One of the McKays (music@fl.net.au)
Date: Sat Jun 26 1999 - 18:15:41 EDT

I would appreciate any resources list members can tell me about which would
help a person prepare seminar topics for a class on the Greek text of

These are the topics:
The heavenly and earthly dimensions in Ephesians
The climax of salvation history: Jews and Gentiles in the new humanity
The distinctive teaching of Ephesians on the Holy Spirit

[That's if I get my choices!]

And, if you were doing an assignment designed to show your fluency in the
Greek text of Ephesians, in which you are to translate and explain major
points of syntax and exegesis, what would be:

1. the best commentaries to assist in your preparation?
2. the best lexicon to use as you translate?

[In tests, we are allowed to use a lexicon, but not a commentary]

I know I have asked some of this before, but now I have the actual
assignments we will be doing. Thanks for previous assistance. I hope to go
to the library and check out sose of the previouly recommended material this

I am a bit nervous, after 19 years away from the classroom [as a Greek

Thanks in anticipation.
David McKay

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