Re: Why an instantaneous imperfect in Mark 8:24?

From: Jay Adkins (
Date: Sat Jun 26 1999 - 10:44:15 EDT

Dear Prof. Daniel L. Christiansen,

You stated:
<<<It's not that it "must" be so interpreted: it has to do with what is the
likely understanding of the verb given its context and unmarked range of
Many readings are within the realm of possibility, but in any
communication, written
or oral, it seems that the correct understanding is usually close to that
requires the least assumptions on the part of the receiver. Certainly, the
could have been repeating himself, but the context doesn't appear to
present this to
us; thus, to translate the imperfect as iterative would IMO be loading the
word with
too much baggage.>>>

This makes sense to me and I am more then willing to admit I was wrong, as
I was pretty sure I was before I ever wrote the first time and really did
just want to know why, but, let me ask does the imperfect in the prior
verse bare any support to the idea that the man have been repeating
himself. The word I am referring to is EPHRWTA, which is the same sort of
thing I would guess, however, I had found a couple of translations there
that had ╬questioning' in place of ╬asked' and so did not question my own
limited knowledge at the time. Looking back I probably should have. I am
like any other jackass, as my grand daddy would say, I have 20-20 hind
sight. My question here is, since there are two imperfects this close in
context, with one directly contextually connected to the next, would that
make the verbal aspect merely the same or draw on its foundational


Also does the perfect (BLEPESIS) have any effect?

You also stated;
<<<<> Wallace has used
> this as an example of the instantaneous imperfect and 18 English
> translations I have checked appear to agree

Usually, this is a pretty good check . . . if that many translations
chances are good that it is a good rendition. Though majority does not
always rule:
sometimes the guy walking the wrong way turns out to be the only one who
knows where
he is going (he's later called a visionary, after the rest of the crowd
tramples him
to death).>>>>>

I do not have much confidence in my abilities as yet, so I always check at
least 5 or 6. I have to admit finding many mistakes on my part that way.

Thank you for your assistance. Please bear with my own stubborn stupidity
and ignorance. I hope that you will allow for it.

Sola Gratia


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