Tense of TETAGMENOI in Acts 13:48

From: James S. Murray (jsmurray@execpc.com)
Date: Wed Jun 30 1999 - 23:23:04 EDT

Greetings everyone:

I would appreciate some help in understanding the use of verb tense in
dependent clauses. The text reads; ...KAI EPISTEUSAN OSOI HSAN
TETAGMENOI EIS ZWHN AIWNION. I take the dependent clause as an
adverbial relative clause, either of condition or possibly comparison
(yes?). Is the use of the periphastic pluperfect relative to the main
verb, implying the action occurred prior to the action of the main verb,
or is this only true with participles (non-periphrastic, that is)? I'm
just interested in the grammar, please.



Jim Murray
Racine, WI

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