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Date: Tue Aug 03 1999 - 14:29:25 EDT

On Tue 3 Aug 99 (07:50:15), wrote:
> I am not understanding the construction from Isaiah 40:3 FONH BOWNTOS.
> Why is it not FONH BOWSA?

 Dear Ben,

 Because, IMHO, it is not the "voice" that is crying, but "John" who
 is crying. BOWNTOS is the participle used as a noun, referring to John
 crying. "The voice of [One] crying in the wilderness...." (cf Mark 1:3).

 FWNH BOWNTOS EN THi ERHMWi ... (LXX) is a fair translation of
 QoWL QoWRe' BaMMiD:BaR ... (BH).

 BTW it's EN THi ERHMWi, not EN TWi ERHMWi, because the noun GH is
 understood: EN THi ERHMWi [GHi].


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