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>On 08/06/99, ""Wieland Willker" <>" wrote:
>> In line 26 of Pap. Egerton Bell/Skeat supplement:
>> Why do they use TAS and not TOUS? Is LIQOS feminine at times?
>The evidence seems to indicate as much; this is LSJ at the Perseus web
>site, s.v. LIQOS:

Metzger's lexical aids has a list of more than 25 second declension (OS/OU)
nouns that are either always feminine or can be feminine or masculine. The
most noteworthy one in the GNT than can be either is DIAKONOS. A word used
in the GNT often that is feminine is hODOS/OU, hH, the way, road. The names
of a number of cities are 2nd declension feminine nouns. They all take the
feminine article.

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