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From: Eric Weiss (
Date: Fri Aug 06 1999 - 00:24:45 EDT

I am not qualified to make an authoritative judgment, but from a different
perspective I'd say that even though it's perhaps "dated," Zerwick wins
HANDS DOWN for portability compared to the new Cleon Rogers book. Indeed,
Rogers' is no longer a "handbook." Either Edgar Krentz or Edward Hobbs said
a few years ago that Rogers was a bit condescending in tone, or something
to that effect, and it did seem a little "preachier" than Zerwick. I don't
know that the new Rogers is much different in this respect. The emphasis is
different in each - I guess I am more looking for the things Zerwick points
out than what Rogers does - though I haven't made a rigorous side-by-side
comparison of the two. Zerwick is overpriced, in my opinion, but that and a
Greek New Testament make a lightweight backpack load to the coffee shop for
some study time, and the new Rogers does not. Neither of them gets into
discourse analysis that I can tell. Rogers refers to a lot of
sources/references. If all you want is something for studying Ephesians, I
would think a good commentary or commentaries is better, but if you want
something to help you when all you need is a word parsed or defined, or for
some translation help, I think its size makes Zerwick the winner still.
Then get the little Greek handconcordance from American Bible Society and
an Abbott-Smith Manual Lexicon - and you still have a light,
backpack-weight "library" you can easily carry when that cappuccino craving

If anyone has done an authoritative review of the new Rogers vs. Zerwick,
I'd like to read it.

- Eric Weiss

On 08/05/99, ""Kevin W. Woodruff" <>" wrote:
> Zewick is alright, but I rather have Cleon Rogers Linguistical and
> Exegetical Key to the Greek New Testament. which the revision of the old
> Rienecker and Rogers. to get the most our of Zerwick you'll need his grammar
> to which he keeps referring you to.When you can afford it (if ever) I would
> suggest Ernest Best's ICC commentary on Ephesians
> At 11:35 AM 08/06/1999 +1000, you wrote:
> >G'day. I'm plowing through Ephesians for my first formal theological study
> >for 19 years, and am using Lincoln's Word Biblical Comentary, the NET Bible
> >and F.F. Bruce's Commentary on Colossians, Philemon and Ephesians. I am also
> >finding Wallace's Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics very helpful.
> >
> >Should I save up for Zerwick's Grammatical Analysis, or would it be
> >superfluous if you already have commentaries on the Greek text?
> >
> >The course lecturer [Peter O'Brien] recommended Zerwick, but that was after
> >I had purchased the other stuff!
> >
> >David McKay
> >
> >
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