tax gatherers of today beware

From: jacob cohen (
Date: Sat Aug 07 1999 - 08:56:35 EDT

Edgar Foster wrote:
> Dear B-Greekers,
> I'm presently trying to work out some of the implications of the Greek
> definite article. In this connection I was wondering, how would you
> translate TWi hAMARTWLWi in Luke 18:13 and why would you translate it
> in this way or that?
Most likely - what wallace would call a par excellence (ie the worst of
sinners) that is a reflection of how this tax collector felt about
himself. It could also be simple identification distinuishing himself
from the (as far as he knew) the Pharasee who was the righteous one of
the two . Also possible well known- that is everyone knew of him
because he was imfamous. The tax gatherers of today beware :> or should
I say:<

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