RE: Task of Translation (was Wallace: Beyond the Basics)

From: Carlton Winbery (
Date: Mon Aug 09 1999 - 14:08:54 EDT

Robert C.Jefferson wrote:
>>Carl's comment did spark my question.
>>That like most of his article was beneficial for us little greeks.
>>Along with others who say that Greek for them is not an end in itself to
>>them but rather a means to an end.
>>The end being usually defined as NT exegesis.
>>As for the "mind of God" I would never presume such a thing.
>>I too see the struggle that you say you deal with and my question is
>>therefore valid.

I'm going to omit Carl's answer for I consider that most of you saved a
copy of it as did I. First I hope I did not imply that yours was not a
valid question for it is one with which I have been engaged for 45 years.

Another comment on "The end being usually defined as NT exegesis." The term
"exegesis" is defined differently by most of us. The biblical word can mean
anything from "translate" to "lead out." It can also mean to "relate" or
"unfold" as a story. Which of these would you use in Jn 1:18? Again, I see
the basic task as two-fold, going 2000 years into the past and making the
return trip to the modern world. I often get lost somewhere in between, but
it is usually a comfortable place to hide.

I agree with the resources Carl has recommended, especially Smyth. For the
person who thinks about ever teaching Greek, you should know the history
which means Deissman, Robertson and many others. Robert Funk's three volume
work plus the workbook has been very useful to me as a teacher. The aspect
gurus are really doing us older heads a service, though we do not always
see why we need to learn a whole new vocabulary.

There are many pitfalls (D.A.Carson, Fallacies). You can't avoid them all,
so submit your work to those who are critical thinkers. Don't hide any of
it. You also will become an informed critical thinker.

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