Re: the relationship of the "B" and the "Greek"

From: Scott Sherwood (
Date: Tue Aug 10 1999 - 13:24:47 EDT

Has that line actually been crossed and recorded? Is there precedent
to follow in terms of judging consistently inappropriate posts?

I don't expect to cross the line, but perhaps that would make it more
clear for people.

I really like B-Greek, and I hope its high standards can be maintained.

Scott Sherwood

--- "Carl W. Conrad" <> wrote:
> At the core of
> our discussion, however,
> is not what our convictions are but what the Greek
> text may legitimately be
> understood to mean. If discussion of this nature is
> to succeed, proper
> respect and courtesy to other list members is
> important. While scholarly
> debate, including disagreement, is encouraged as a
> goal of this conference,
> attacks upon the character, intelligence, or faith
> of those participating
> are not acceptable. Criticism must focus upon the
> arguments of others; it
> may not be directed to the individual. Those who
> violate this policy will
> be contacted politely by the B-Greek staff and
> requested to conform to
> these guidelines. Those who continue to violate the
> policy will no longer
> be welcome in the conference."
> Carl W. Conrad

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