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From: A K M Adam (
Date: Fri Aug 13 1999 - 13:08:13 EDT

Michael (and list-colleagues),

Thank you for your kind attention to the publication of my Greek textbook.
I'm relieved that it has finally appeared, but more than a little dismayed
that the chaotic production process left a number of serious flaws in the
printed copy (along with numerous lesser problems). I'm not eagle-eyed at
corrections of my own material, but I'd like to think I'd have caught some
of these if I had been allowed to see the final proofs before the book went
to press.

Be it known that I welcome errata and corrigenda, and am working on a
website that'll enumerate the problems. Abingdon has indicated at least a
theoretical willingness to correct mistakes in future printings, so the more
bugs we can find out about, the better for all concerned.

I can think of two good reasons to venture forth with my book: the first
(and most important to me) reason is that the sooner we sell out the first
printing, the sooner we can make a corrected second printing which will be
less embarrassing and more useful, and the second reason is that a teacher
might be dissatisfied with the ways in which existing grammars handle
matters such as verbal aspect (I'm firmly in the Mari Olsen camp), MI-verbs
(I don't hold them off to the end of the textbook, but introduce them
early--my students complain, but they learn these common verbs soon and
well), vocabulary (which relies heavily on the frequency with which words
appeear in the NT), exercises (as soon as is practicable, I introduce
students to material from the NT itself), practice with a lexicon (students
who learn with my textbook will not feel betrayed when they discover that
the NT uses words that aren't in their vocabulary list or in their glossary;
I send them to the lexicon beginning in the tenth lesson), and maybe some
other reason.

But I hasten to add that the condition of this first printing is an
embarrassment; I expect to take deserved lumps for that, and I hope that
industrial circumstances permit me to address those problems directly, and

On a cheerier note, at the Catholic Biblical Association meeting, Fred
Danker introduced a session to the format and character of the new edition
of "Bauer" (who knows what we ought to call this new Aland-Danker edition),
and it's exhilirating just to think of the prospect of using this new
edition. The only bad news is that it won't be ready till next year....

Once again, thanks for your patience and interest--

Grace and peace,

Princeton Theological Seminary

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