Re: Acts 2:23

Date: Tue Aug 10 1999 - 10:22:21 EDT

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<< I just don't see this when I read
 BOULE KAI PROGNOSEI (counsel and foreknowledge), two nouns in the same case
 and person connected by KAI. Can someone tell me why this is a hendiadys
 and not an example of Granville Sharp's rule? >>

Dear Richard:

Sharp's rule exists under very strict, grammatically limited conditions.
(These restrictions seem to grow with time!) In the case of Acts 2:23, the
nouns are not terms of *personal* description. They are abstract terms that
refer to aspects of God's being. But they are not terms used to describe or
identify God Himself. That is why this example does not fall within the
confines of Sharp's rule.

Greg Stafford

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