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<< It would seem that if given the rules of Hebrew grammar are used
 and they produce the action that Sharp's rule identifies, and the
translation to
 the Gk. preserves what is being said in the Hebrew, then we would have
 rule in the translated Gk. To say otherwise would seem to indicate that
there is
 not a construction in the Hebrew that creates this action. Does that seem
 to you? >>

Dear Chris:

I do not believe an exhaustive study of Hebrew syntax has been done to the
extent that we can say there is a "mirror image" of Sharp's rule in Hebrew.
However, whether there is or not the fact remains that, as you say, Sharp's
rule would have been used in translation if in fact the translators accepted
it as a rule that should be used to prevent ambiguity in such theologically
significant passages as Proverbs 24:21, and others.

Thus, we cannot accept Sharp's rule as applicable in all cases, and the
context should play a significant role in our interpretation of any text, as
the syntax of the passage was not written in a vacuum; rather, it was meant
to be viewed in light of a larger sentence, paragraph, discourse, letter and
theology of the particular writer in question.

<< BTW in the message that was sent to you and Richard there was the Gk. text
sent in it, was it preserved or did in turn to html ?
 Thanks again
 in Christ -chris >>

No, unfortunately, it did not come through.


Greg Stafford

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