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From: Warren Fulton (
Date: Thu Aug 19 1999 - 17:46:37 EDT

 Wieland Willker wrote:

> ... I've prepared:
> [snip]
> b) two vocabulary lists: one with the basic 1200 words and one with the more
> special John-words (atm with German translation only). Maybe someone wants
> to prepare the English translation?
> I don't know if this is worth the effort, comments are always welcome. (I
> know that there are some wrong accents.)
> The files can be accessed from the page:

Thank you for making the John-specific vocab available in such a handy reference
list. Just the kind of tool one needs when studying a particular author.

As long as you distinguish between KAQIZW and KAQEZOMAI, you might want to draw the
same distinction with some of the other verbs. Either that, or adjust your
translation to the active form.

LUPEW - cause to be distressed
LUPEOMAI - be distressed (traurig sein)

QERMAINOMAI - warm oneself (sich waermen)

STREFW - turn
STREFOMAI - turn around to address (sich wenden)

I would also list the lemmas ERMHNEUW and MEQERMHNEUW as "uebersetzen" and not

Just for consistency's sake, when you next update the list.

Again, thanks for the work.

Warren Fulton
Inlingua School of Languages
Vienna, Austria

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