Spitzer's Philological Circle

From: Joseph Brian Tucker (music@riverviewcog.org)
Date: Thu Aug 19 1999 - 21:55:00 EDT


Leo Spitzer's philological circle, if I understand it correctly, says any
one stylistic feature can yield insight into the whole work. There is a
moving to-and-fro between analysis and synthesis, between details and the
grouping of details into a principle. (Do I have this right?)

For example, intuitive and inductive impressions are made. Observation of
the size of words, the frequency and value implications of adjectives, the
number and type of pronouns, the type of images, the number of imperatives,
the structure of sentences, and the number of definite articles.

Is Spitzer's work still being used, or has another form of stylistic
comparison replaced his? What is the overall value of stylistic comparison
when seeking to understand biblical greek? I hope this isn't too far off

Leo Spitzer. _Linguistics and Literary History: Essays in Stylistics_.
Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1948.

Any suggested bibliography for stylistic comparisons of Paul?

Thank You
Brian Tucker, M.A.
Riverview, MI

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