Re: Definitions- help!

From: Edgar Foster (
Date: Fri Aug 20 1999 - 18:22:56 EDT

Dear Ed,

If you don't want to take a lifetime studying structuralism and
post-structuralism, may I recommend a book by Terry Eagleton entitled
_Literary Theory: An Introduction_ (Minneapolis, MN, 1996). Eagleton's
book is thorough and replete with examples of structual analysis. He
also has excellent chapters on post-structuralism and phenomenology. At
any rate, a structuralist schematizes a story in diagrammatic form: he
or she concentrates on the form of a narrative and deals with the
relations between the referents in a literary format. As mentioned
hitherto, Eagleton does a great job with this subject. I think you
would enjoy his book, its one that we use in our literary theory class.



Edgar Foster
Classics Major
Lenoir-Rhyne College

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