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Date: Fri Aug 20 1999 - 19:35:58 EDT said:
> If you don't want to take a lifetime studying structuralism and
> post-structuralism, may I recommend a book by Terry Eagleton entitled
> _Literary Theory: An Introduction_ (Minneapolis, MN, 1996). Eagleton's
> book is thorough and replete with examples of structual analysis. He
> also has excellent chapters on post-structuralism and phenomenology.
> At any rate, a structuralist schematizes a story in diagrammatic form:
> he or she concentrates on the form of a narrative and deals with the
> relations between the referents in a literary format. As mentioned
> hitherto, Eagleton does a great job with this subject. I think you
> would enjoy his book, its one that we use in our literary theory
> class.

> Regards,

> Edgar

This is off the B-Greek charter, but I am hoping Carl will allow it since we
little ones are seeking some understanding of the definitions and it isn't a
'point of view' 'let's take sides' discussion.

Thanks Edgar. I realize these questions are like asking a physicist to
explain the modern, mathematical, cosmology model's depiction of the creation
of time and to do so in two sentences or less if you don't mind :-); however,
your excellent explanation has helped, I just need some clarification.

How does what you've said above relate to 'Discourse Analysis' and to
Transformational Grammar (a.k.a Chomsky)? (Now you know why I mentioned
Cosmology :-) Pointers to articles and/or books will be most welcome. Will
Eagleton's book address this? At least address TG?

This actually does relate (somewhat) to Biblical Greek, at least to my mind,
since I think these linguistic tools help me understand the original Greek,
especially as it relates to the importance of context having impact on
semantics. And semantics relates directly to the meaning of the Greek

Thanks to all for any help they might graciously provide.

Mike Sangrey
Lancaster, Pa.
       There is no 'do' in faith, everywhere present within it is 'done'.

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