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On 08/26/99, "" wrote:
> It is has been several years since I ordered the Lyle Story's Greek to Me
> materials. I've lost his address. Can any of you help me contact him?
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> Charles Bradley
> Hopewell Presbyterian Church, Columbia, TN
> Union Grove Presbyterian Church, Columbia, TN
> Emmanuel Presbyterian Chapel, Hohenwald, TN

I just ordered some copies. This is the e-mail that Nancy Story sent me
(this was an attached Word document):

Greek To Me
The Greek Memory System
c/o Dr. J. Lyle Story
6105 Adelphi Circle
Virginia Beach, VA 23464
(757) 424-5831

Thank you for your inquiry about The Greek Memory System. The textbook
Greek To Me is currently in use by many Theological Seminaries, Bible
Schools, and pastoral Bible classes throughout the United States and in
some foreign countries.

We have developed an innovative method of learning Biblical Greek, faster
and easier than conventional rote memorization methods. Additionally, this
memory system makes Biblical Greek interesting and accessible to every

The system includes:
1. Vocabulary flash cards for koine words (25+ frequency in the NT)
2. The textbook Greek to Me
3. Keys for chapter assignments in Greek to Me
4. Teacher aids: Over 300 transparency masters

The flash cards correspond with the vocabulary lists in Greek to Me. The
cards are available for $18.00 and we offer a 30% bookstore discount for
resale to students. The textbook Greek to Me is available for $25.00 with
a 30% bookstore discount. The translation keys for the assignments at the
end of each chapter of the text may also be of help to students and/or
instructors. The translation keys cost $15.00 and the complete set of
transparency masters is $75.00.

The textbook is no longer published by HarperCollins, but has been
reprinted locally. We are currently in the process of making a CD-ROM
version of Greek To Me. All of the Greek Memory System items are available
through our Virginia Beach address.

We will promptly respond to a request for any component of The Greek Memory
System. A purchase order may be sent or your request may be phoned to our
Virginia Beach address.
J. Lyle Story, Ph.D.


- - -

She also later wrote:

You will be pleased with the new printing of the book. It is spiral
and enlarged to be much more student friendly and clear to read. Yet
another upgraded issue will be available in a few months. It is being
retypeset for CDrom and book form.

Eric Weiss

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