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From: Rolf Furuli (
Date: Fri Aug 27 1999 - 05:58:20 EDT

Chris Core wrote:

>Hi all I am interested in a source for the semantic range of "misew"
>#3404, that includes "love less". While I have a number of lexicons that
>give this definition as well as "hate", none of them give a source. Thanks
>for any help with this.
>in Christ -chris

Dear Chris,

Your "love less" does not miss the mark, as least as far as the LXX is
concerned, but it should be seen in the light of Hebrew . The concept
behind the Hebrew counterpart to MISEW, namely, SANE) can have different
stress or express different nuances which can be roughly expressed by the
English glosses: 1) having so strong negative feelings toward a peson that
you want to harm him or her, 2) having strong negative feelings toward
something or someone, and 3) love less.

For the last sense, compare Genesis 29:30,33 LXX where MISOUMAI is used
for Lea who was not HGAPHSE MALLON. In the NT, the senses 1) and 2) are
found, and they should be distinguished, because it seems that 2) is
sometimes necessary and acceptable while 1) is never acceptable.

See Dictionary of New Testament Theology I , 555.


Rolf Furuli
University of Oslo

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