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is the site since I have been asked.


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        I have seen on the Internet somewhere a very interesting Java

        It is an English thesaurus where words are related by lines in a 3-d
        The distance between words show graphically how closely words are
        And when you click on a new word it becomes the new center of the
graph and
        word related it circle it.
        All of this is in virtual 3-d. I think it has 70,000 words.

        I think this would be very interesting in Greek, of course which


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                I've replied privately to Rolf, since what I said in that
email is
                more linguistic than B-Greek. However, there is one item
that I
                think would be helpful to those on this list. So, I've
                that below.

> I would like to add another dimension, which you hint at,
> one of different presupposition pools.
> The native Greek speaker did not need any books for this
but he
> she could depend on the common presupposition pool of the
> speakers and would get an instant understanding of the
meaning of
> word.

                If one understands how a 'presuppositional pool' might work,
                then the method of learning vocabulary through memorization
                humorously incomplete. One should form a more complex
                than a list of glosses. The structure would have to be a
                of usages which are related in a variety of ways. I don't
                the experience to come up with the list of those ways,
                Does anyone happen to know where this might be discussed?

                The building of the network would only be possible by
                study of grammatical constructions which are semantically
                So, a lexicon does not quite cut it. Though a lexicon is a
                the ingesting of a complete lexical entry is needed to build
                skeleton of the network in one's head. One still needs to go
                that to think like a Greek.

                Mike Sangrey
                Lancaster, Pa.
                       There is no 'do' in faith, everywhere present within
it is

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