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From: Maurice A. O'Sullivan (
Date: Mon Aug 30 1999 - 11:51:17 EDT

<x-flowed>I use this firm's IrisPn scanner and I doubt very much if this OCR package
was ever intended for classical Greek --- their scanning software
is business orientated, as you can see from their blurb; heavily
concentrating on graphs, tables, etc.

But why not ask them their reaction to your news that you are using it for
classical Greek?


At 16:06 30/08/99 +0200, you wrote:
>Ocasionally people (incl. me) asked about OCR-ing Greek. Today I have
>downloaded "Readiris 5", a 30 days full test-version from:
>I took my NA26-GNT and scanned a few pages.
>I scanned 10 pages with the learning function enabled (here the prog. asks
>to enter the letter for an unrecognized character). After this learning
>phase I scanned another page and the outcome was as below (Mt 7:7 - 7:20).
>This result is not very bad, but also not very good. I also don't know if I
>used the program correctly, but there are not very many options.
>I think the program is helpful for scanning large amounts of greek text from
>one book (with the same font and size). Greek is notoriously difficult to
>OCR with all the accents and diacritical signs.
>Any other experiences?
>Best wishes
> Wieland
> <><
>7 Aiteite kai doqhsetai umin, Zhteite kai eurhsete, krOUete kai anoighsetai
>umin .8 pas gar ? aitwn la~iba-nei kai ? Zhtwn euriskei kai tW kroUOnti
>'anoighsetai. 9 h tiS OeStin ex umwn anqrwpos, On 'aithsei ? uios au-toU
>artOn, mh liqon epidWSei autW; 10 ( h kai icqun aith-sei), mh Ofin ePidwsei
>autW; 11.ei oun umeis POnhroi ontes oidate ( domata agaqa) didonai toiS
>teknOiS umwn, POSW mallon ? pathr umwn ? en toiS ouranois dwsei agaqa toiS
>aitoUsin auton:.
>12 panta ĦoUn Osa ean qelhte ina POiWSin umin oi anqrwpoi, OUtWS kai umeis
>poieite autois. outos gar eStin ? nomos kai oi profhtai.
>13 ?iselqate dia ths stenhs pulhS ., Oti plateia 'h pulh' kai eurucwros h
>Odos h aPagousa eis thn apw-leian kai polloi Ħeisin oi eisercomenoi di'
>auths .14 'ti stenh 'h pulh' kai teqlimmenh h Odos h apagousa eis thn Zwhn
>kai oligOi eisin oi euriskOntes authn.
>15 Prosecete t apo twn yeudoprofhtwn, oitines er-COntai pros umas en
>endumasin probatwn, eswqen de eisin lUkOi arpages. 16 apo twn karpwn autwn
>epignwsesqe autous. mhti sullegousin apo akanqwn 'stafulas h apo tribolwn
>sUka;17 outws pan dendron agaqon kar-
>pous 'kalous poiei', to de sapron dendron karPOUS ??-nhrOUS poiei. 18 ou
>dunatai dendron agaqon karpous ??-nhrous 'poiein oude dendron sapron karpous
>kalous I'poiein. 19 panT dendron mh poioUn karpon kalon ek-kOPtetai kai eis
>pur b?lleta1. 20 ara ge a?? twn kar-pwn autwn epignwsesqe autous.
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