Re: The Septuaginta -off topic

From: C. E. Core (
Date: Mon Aug 30 1999 - 16:59:47 EDT

"For Roman Catholics the council of Trent declared the LXX to be an inspired
translation and that all differences between Hebrew and LXX the LXX is to be
the "Authority".

    Interesting that the council of Trent would declare the LXX to be an inspired
translation and to have authority over the Hebrew. This would seem to say that
either there were problems with the Hebrew manuscripts of the day or in the
originals. I believe that the original are accurate but find no where in the
scriptures of a guarantee for the copies. Dose it make sense for God not to have His
hand in keeping the copies of his revelation to man accurate, but for one and only
one translation to be perfect?

In Christ -chris

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