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Date: Thu Sep 02 1999 - 17:00:01 EDT

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> As for "intensifying effect," I think that's as true for compounds with
> DIA- and EPI- in particular, and often even APO


I agree with most of what Joe said but his opening remark seemed to
contradict the rest of it. If KATEXW is polysemous then why talk at all
about the "general" since it would be more accurate to simply state that
there are certain distributions of KATA some of which seem to show an
"intensifying effect." I am very skeptical about the idea that KATA or
any other preposition (or word or element of grammar) has some sort of
stable CORE of meaning (either functional or referential meaning). This
is why I raise these objections all the time. It is a question of Models
and Methods. The Models and Methods of CORE meaning are problematic if
you are doing "postmodern" grammar.

Aren't we all doing postmodern grammar? :->>>>


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