RE: b-greek digest: September 02, 1999

From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Fri Sep 03 1999 - 20:23:39 EDT

<x-flowed>I rather liked this little article on the trade-offs and difficulties of
Bible translation:

Incidentally, you may find that for those who are not rather well educated,
many of the issues of Bible translation are very abstract and difficult to
grasp. For many people who do not know a foreign language, it seems that a
literal translation should be a matter of simply moving the words from one
language to another, without changing them or interpreting them.

It can be helpful to let them try to translate English into English - to
convey what a phrase means without using the same words - and to see that
two translations can come out a little differently even within English.
Even then, some people seem to feel that the only reason it is difficult to
do this is that the original already used the obvious English words and
didn't leave them with the right vocabulary to say it right.


Jonathan Robie
R&D Fellow, Software AG

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