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The only pocket-sized concordance of which I know is William Greenfield's
little concordance based upon work done by Eramus Schmidt. It is based upon
the the TR, has microscopic print and has a few errors in it.

Greenfield, William, 1799-1831.
Novi Testamenti Graeci Tameion; A Concordance to the Greek
New Testament; Abridged from the edition of Erasmus Schmidt by William
Greenfield. London: Samuel Bagster, n.d.

It is reprinted by the Aster Printing House in Athens, Greece.

Best lexicon is Walter Bauer's magisterial work as edited by Willam Arndt
and F. W. Gingrich. A new edition is set to come out sometime before the
Second Coming. Last word has it now in mid 2000

Are you wanting an analytical concordance or analytical lexicon? The only
analytical concordance of the Greek New Testament is _Analytical Concordance
of the Greek New Testament_ 2 vols. by Philip Clapp, and Barbara and Timothy
Friberg. Grand Rapids: Baker, 1991.

The two best analytical lexicons are the ones by William Mounce and Wesley
Perschbacher. Perschbacher's covers not only the UBS 3rd text but also
parsings for Nestle-Aland, Westcott and Hort, the Majority Text of Hodges
and Farstad, and the Textus Receptus texts. Mounce's covers only the text of
the UBS 3rd/4th/NA26th/27th. It is keyed to both the Goodrick-Koehlenberger
numbering system and to Mounce's _Morphology of Biblical Greek_.

Hope this helps

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