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From: George Goolde (goolde@mtnempire.net)
Date: Sat Sep 04 1999 - 20:34:32 EDT

In addition to the information Kevin mentioned I can think of one other,
print based, analytical concordance, that of Stegenga. Unfortunately
(perhaps) the copy I have at hand is a Spanish edition published by CLIE in
Barcelona. The title of the English edition, which I remember using in
seminary shortly after the earth's crust hardened, is, I believe: "The
Greek-English Analytical Concordance of the Grek-English New Testament.
The ISBN was 0-910710-02-3.

This was a masterful work in its day. It is appropriate to mention what
may be obvious, that the method of choice today is to use one of the
powerful Bible engines to do this, such as Logos or Hermeneutica. But it
may be that the print edition is preferable in some way and you may be able
to find a copy somewhere - in English.

Hope this helps.

George A. Goolde
Professor, Bible & Theology
Southern California Bible College & Seminary

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