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Date: Wed Sep 01 1999 - 10:11:08 EDT

>Could someone tell me the meaning of this word
> in the LXX of Job 22:14 and Isa. 40:22?

        The meaning of GU=ROS in the above mentioned passages ("circle")
has already been mentioned. Other meanings are, according to LSJ "trench"
(made round a tree)".

        DGE distinguishes the following meanings (I omit the text of the
citations, my translations):

        1. c’rculo (circle): Plu.2.202f, Plb.29.27.5 LXX *Ib.*22.14, *Is.*40.22
        2. vuelta ("turn" or "turaround"): Verg.*G*.3.115, Ou.*AA* 3.384,
Manil.5.75, etc. (5+)
        3. Arco iris ("rainbow") Val.Flac.6.132, Sil.Ital.4.451
        4. "Anillo" de una serpiente (a serpent's "ring") Verg.Aen.5.85,
Manil.1.331, etc.
        5.1 "Pista redonda, picadero de caballos" Prop.3.14.11
        5.2 "corro" ("ring"?) A.*Io.*94.5.
        6. plu. "Ambages" ("circumambages") de la dialˇctica Gell.16.8.17
        7. Alcorque ("Trench around a tree) Thphr.*CP* 3.4.1,
Orph.Fr.280.4, Nonn.D.47.69, ILesb17.A.6, B.4, Alciphr.2.10.1 cf. Hsch.

        RBLG gives the following bibliography:
        Conomis, N.C. *Hellenica* 34 (1982-3) p. 184.

        P.S.: very soon a large series of addenda (thousands of new
references) to every section of the RBLG will be placed on-line with free

Daniel Ria–o Rufilanchas
Madrid, Espa–a

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