Re: Private question on "Present-future" Tense (was "Ungrammatical ...")

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Date: Fri Sep 03 1999 - 08:29:55 EDT

At 7:38 AM -0400 9/3/99, wrote:
>Dear Prof. Conrad,
>Have I missed something? I can't find "POIW TO PASCA" in Matthew 26:19. As
>this has little to do with the overall post I am sending this directly to you
>and not the entire list. I am not in any way questioning the general
>comments, just the quoted verse does not seem to fit, or at least I do not
>understand how it does.

Actually this was cited by Michael Haggett in his original discussion; the
verse is wrong--those words are found in Matthew 26:18 rather than 26:19,
and there's no question but that POIW here, though present tense, is used
in the sense of a future tense.

>Thank you for the time you spend with B-Greek. I am learning so much just
>from reading and trying to understand the posts and especially your responses
>and comments. They are always informative.

Thank you very much. I think it's a mutually profitable list. Let me add
that I've found your input on the B-Translation list particularly

Best regards, cwc

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