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Jim West <jwest@Highland.Net> wrote:
> in fact erasmus had no copy of rev in greek-- so he translated the vulgate
> into greek and viola! revelation in greek as the TR has it!

Dear Jim,

Bruce Metzger said:
"For the Book of Revelation he had but one manuscript, dating from the
twelfth century, which he had borrowed from his friend Reuchlin.
Unfortunately, this manuscript lacked the final leaf, which had contained
the last six verses of the book. For these verses, as well as a few other
passages throughout the book where the Greek text of the Apocalypse and the
adjoining Greek commentary with which the manuscript was supplied are so
mixed up as to be almost indistinguishable, Erasmus depended on the Latin
Vulgate, translating this text into Greek. As would be expected from such a
procedure, here and there in Erasmus' self-made Greek text are readings
which have never been found in any known Greek manuscript -- but which are
still perpetuated today in printings of the so-called Textus Receptus of the
Greek New Testament." [Bruce M. Metzger, _The Text of the New Testament_
(Oxford: 1968), pp. 99, 100]


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