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Date: Mon Sep 06 1999 - 13:27:46 EDT

<x-flowed>At 04:05 06/09/99 -0400, you wrote:

>McClintock & Strong's monumental work, the *Cyclopedia of Biblical,
>Theological, and Ecclesiastical Literature* (1867-1887), was reprinted by
>Baker Book House in 1981. Unfortunately, it is currently out of print. An
>online search of and CBD failed to find it.
>declares that it is out of print.

I have just run a search on MX Book Finder and there
are several currently available -- there's nearly a dozen 'hits' but I
see the same bookseller's name popping up in several of them --at prices
between $895 -- 950, with one copy at $800

I trust the original enquirer has a deep, deep. pocket <g>




Maurice A. O'Sullivan
[Bray, Ireland]

"Apply yourself wholly to the text; apply the text wholly to yourself."
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