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Date: Mon Sep 06 1999 - 14:05:42 EDT

<x-flowed>At 01:54 AM 9/6/99 -0700, C. E. Core wrote:

>Can someone tell me if Zodhiates parsing is reliable in his Complete
>Word Study New Testament.

I can not tell you. I *can* tell you that coming up with reliable parse
codes is extremely time consuming, detailed work, and that the Gramcord
Institute, with whom I am not affiliated, has put a lot of time into
maintaining their parsing database. James Tauber compared Friberg's parse
codes with the CCAT parse codes for the GNT by writing a program to compare
them, and made a number of corrections as a result. So it would not be at
all surprising to find errors in *anybody's* parse codes, especially if
they have not been compared to the work of others using some automated means.

I looked at Zodhiates about 1 1/2 years ago, and I found his lexicon and
his grammar notes to be unreliable. For instance, I was disturbed by his
description of the Greek tenses, which seem pretty basic, and when I looked
up a few words that I had studied at the time, he did not bring out some of
the important meanings found in BAGD, Louw and Nida, or even Vine's. This
is not completely surprising - he is, after all, only one man, and I can
not imagine that any one individual would be able to produce an analytical
New Testament, a lexicon, and a grammar that are all of quality comparable
to the best of each category. He is going for a different audience -
chiefly for those who do not know Greek but wish to be able to cite it with
authority. I would think that beginners would be much better served by some
of the software that gives accurate parsings keyed to grammatical notes and
a lexicon, since the grammatical notes and lexicons found in these programs
are generally of high quality, and the software makes these tools much more
accessible than they would be in their paper form.

Are there particular places where you are unsure of his parsing?


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